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As production tends to rise and fall with the supply of wood, objects need to rest and recover from being on the lathe (so does the maker) so here is a selection of available objects, all are individual and "one offs", numbered and  branded with the Hedgepig  logo. If you would like to purchase, please send a note on the contacts page outlining which object you would like, and where you might like them shipped. We will get back to you, with availability and shipping information. 

Charred Ash from Old Albany Post Road, finished with Danish Oil. Nine inches in diameter and four and a half inches high, eggs not included. $165.00
A bit of fun here, Spalted Maple canisters one with straight sides and the other angled four inches diameter two and half inches high  finished in Danish Oil. $155.00 each  
Elm from Old Albany Post Road a fantastic wonky bowl incorporating the roots of a branch, off center and "on an angle" six and three quarter inches in diameter and four inches high $ 150.00
Charred Ash from Old Albany Post Road
these two candlesticks are 5 and 4 inches high.
would look great on a dinner table and are scaled to fit a half inch diameter candle. $70.00
SOLD more on the lathe in production.
Ash from Old Albany Post Road, charred, and sculpted in "puck" style  this is six and half  inches diameter and three inches high.
A fantastic piece of Butternut from CSH this wood gave us the opportunity to include the bark that remained intact through out the process, finished in a food safe coating, it would be great for a small fruit bowl, six and half inches in width and 2 inches high. $ 150.00
OAPR Charred Ash, a small delicate bowl that withstood the charring process five and half inches in diameter and just under 2inches high. $140.00
Citrus Cutting Board created from Elm found on Old Albany Post Road, proudly showing the original tree exterior Sizes vary, this one is Five and half inches wide by Eight inches long  $ 40.00
Charred Ash from OAPR small end grain puck type bowls, showing superb grain texture approx four and a quarter inches diameter and one and half inches high $ 120.00 

Elm from Old Albany Post Road Live Edge shallow bowl Seven inches wide, Eight and quarter inches long and 2 inches high. The original outer surface of the tree is proudly displayed, along with wonderful grain patterns at either end. $ 125.00

Elm from Old Albany Post Road, which if you look closely still retains the original chainsaw cut in log, quite a masculine bowl  six inches diameter and three and three quarters inches
Spalted Maple from Indian Brook Road this is the largest bowl produced so far an imposing ten inches diameter and 6 inches inches high,  it only has a interior depth of  three inches, making it also the heaviest bowl. A truly wonderful example of spalted maple and finished with a combination of beeswax and polymerized Linseed Oil  $ 175.00  SOLD two other bowls, not quite as large, currently in production.
Charred End grain Ash from Old Albany Post Road, and just over two inches tall designed to take three quarter inch candles. $45.00

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